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Camera Systems.

There has been a massive growth in-vehicle cameras recently. This has been driven by Insurance companies, and cash for claims incidents amongst other factors. There is no easier way of proving what happened in an incident than watching a video of it.

We provide a wide range of camera systems, from simple dashcams to multiple camera systems recording onto a 2 TB hard drive. All of these systems can be stand-alone or remotely accessed via the data network. (Connected).
When you have a connected system, you can download footage at will and get notified when an incident occurs. This allows you to view what has happened and decide if you want to download more footage. It is likely you will get to know about an incident with one of your vehicles, and liaise with your Insurance company first.

Depending on the Tracking system, and camera options, we can integrate the systems together so that you have Tracking data and the ability to view camera footage on one platform.

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